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Increasing IAP Rate For Mobile Games


Let’s Get Cracking With It Allow me to introduce you to my blueprint which will compel gamers into devoted clients.   1. A skilled user Acquisition is crucial Begin by drawing together contenders and enticing people to attempt playing your game. You must know that it doesn’t just stop there though. You have to be mindful of your final objective at all times, which is to develop a Viable...

Cutting down css code duplication


Trying to keep code maintainable is probably the greatest struggles in software development, which relates to CSS as well. In reality, one large element of the maintainable code is actually reducing the quantity of edits required to make a change. For instance, when you want to expand a button you’ll need to create 15 edits in various rules, then you will miss out on a few of them...

7zip issue: Total Path And File Name Length Must Not Exceed 260 Characters


Today while extracting a RAR file made with 7zip I picked up a large number of errors in the process. The problem is the path, and/or filename surpassed the 260 characters which happen to be set by 7zip. Below I will give you two tricks that will help you solve the issue. The files and folders being extracted had been deep into one of many users Temporary directories that may cause the additional...

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