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Safe Guard your identity and space online


With every aspect of one’s life being highly susceptible to the nuances of the net, there is a need to address the privacy of anyone. It is somehow becoming the modus operandi of large media networks, respective governing bodies and many other agencies that provide services to track each measure we take online. This rather invasive scrutiny can have its bearing on anyone with an iota of respect...

The unveiling of TOR’s bug bounty program: how some people are paid to hack


The rise in cyber assault incidents and violations has prompted many companies and organisations to launch Bounty Bug programs in order to encourage hackers, bug hunters and researchers to locate and sensibly check in bugs as part of their services and the best part is that at the end of the day, they are compensated for their actions. The non profit behind TPOR as well as the major companies and...

Web Security: A New Challenge


Leaps and bounds in technology have meant that the challenge of keeping information secure and protected has become an industry on its own. As new software is developed to keep information secure, so has advances been made by that intent on getting at your information. It is up to you to ensure that you stay ahead of this curve and to protect what sometimes is very vital information from the...

The Mindset of Performance


So why do people today leave a website? There may be various reasons, such as problems locating what they may be looking for. There is however, a high probability visitors leave a website because it seems too slow to load. In this particular post, I wish to focus my attention on the psychology of people, and the role it plays in our perception of performance and efficiency. What On Earth Is “Too...

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