Linux beats Windows – here’s why


Synopsis: if you have this gnawing doubt about Linux outshining Windows – don’t stress. Linux definitely beats windows and you will justify your doubt with the reasoning in the article below. The only logic behind thinking that “Windows” OS is user-friendly and beats Linux is if you aren’t a power user. Well, whatever be the reason, windows would most definitely make it to the forefront, if you...

Critical code injection flaw in Gnome file manager leaves Linux users open to hacking


After a recent inquiry, a form of susceptibility has been uncovered in the thumbnail handler section of GNOME files file manager that could allow hackers to carry out malicious code on specific Linux machines.After hailing it as Bad Taste, the vulnerability(CVE-2017-11421) was unearthed by German researcher Nils Dagsson Moskopp, who also provided evidence of concept code on his blog in order to...

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