Analysis of Progressive Web Metrics – Why This Has Significant Importance


Long page loading time during browsing irritates many internet users. Furthermore, measuring the performance of a loading page is not a simple task. To get rid of this problem, Google community has taken a step. The Google Developers started working in a team which is merely focusing on the Progressive Web Metrics (PWM’s). Now you must be thinking that what are Progressive Web Metrics and...

Four great building tools to build web components


TOOLS, RESOURCES AND DEMOS THAT HELP ESTABLISH A NEW CODING APPROACH Polymer POLYMER-PROJECT.ORG The polymer venture has been initiated by google’s coding team and tends to make the Web Components scenery significantly simpler to move to. Any polyfills necessary to support Web Components throughout all browsers is instantly available. In addition to that polymer delivers two element ranges of pre...

Web Components:The four core elements


Custom Elements </> Probably the most obvious aspect of a web component is the ability to create, modify and control HTML elements. The introduction of Custom Elements into browser standards enables us to break away from the limited vocabulary that HTML offers. This means we can create true mark-up semantics that are really meaningful in context of the application, whatever that may be...

Web Components,the new standard in modular HTML development


Web components have been around for a long time, under the hood of HTML.They are simply a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript package together as an HTML element. Web Components actually account for many of the huge strides that have been made with HTML5. One of the best example is the <video> element, by simply adding a SRC value to this, your video is displayed in the browser with...

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