Ethical Hacking


What is an Ethical Hacker


Ever-so-often there will be snippets generated about hacking on the various media streams. It will either be from an unknown source or sometimes even bizarre farfetched information, some reports will blatantly refute breaching data or service related violation. Whatever be the case it always likes the wicked are at play and constantly trying new ways of attacking and invading these space –...

About Me

I am a webtrepreneur, full stack developer and a technology evangelist. I have been coding from a young age. I also speak to databases and make servers do what I say, I am passionate about continuous learning. I thrive on challenges that require lateral thinking – no matter what language or technology. I have founded and Co-founded a number of startups and have created SaaS web applications for different industries. I am currently open to discussing and explore other opportunities.

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