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Nuances of tucking images inside another –Steganography!

Let us start by elucidating with a small instance where this process that you will learn of by the end of the article was used in a Python class. Furthermore, this article deals with the understanding of how to insert an image in another so that it is hidden, with a few concepts on image processing. In order to gain a sound understanding of what’s to come we start by understanding aspects such...

The phenomenal shift in the world with cryptocurrency

It is easy to get perplexed with the unknown facets of the ever-evolving digital world of money transactions. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to get with the times and understand the changing dynamics. Having said that, I must say that cryptocurrency has been creating massive waves around us. Still wondering what is cryptocurrency and why is it taking over the world? Well, I hope to break this...

Linux beats Windows – here’s why

Synopsis: if you have this gnawing doubt about Linux outshining Windows – don’t stress. Linux definitely beats windows and you will justify your doubt with the reasoning in the article below. The only logic behind thinking that “Windows” OS is user-friendly and beats Linux is if you aren’t a power user. Well, whatever be the reason, windows would most definitely make it to the forefront, if you...

Safe Guard your identity and space online

With every aspect of one’s life being highly susceptible to the nuances of the net, there is a need to address the privacy of anyone. It is somehow becoming the modus operandi of large media networks, respective governing bodies and many other agencies that provide services to track each measure we take online. This rather invasive scrutiny can have its bearing on anyone with an iota of respect...

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