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Synopsis: if you have this gnawing doubt about Linux outshining Windows – don’t stress. Linux definitely beats windows and you will justify your doubt with the reasoning in the article below. The only logic behind thinking that “Windows” OS is user-friendly and beats Linux is if you aren’t a power user. Well, whatever be the reason, windows would most definitely make it to the forefront, if you are not using Linux distro.

But, with all due respect and in truth the experiences we have in our daily routines will urge you to see Linux as way better than Windows OS.

Positive aspects of Linux versus over Windows

Here below are a number of realistic factors that I have put together to show you why Linux is in truth way better than Windows. Here is another article on why switch to Linux.

  1. Open Source Nature

An analogy that comes to mind is an experience of purchasing a vehicle without understanding the mechanics of it –would you do that? Likewise, I feel the mechanics of Windows is hidden away from its users – hardly making sense.

Linux on the other hand is an open source project. What this offers its users is the ability to view the source code of Linux OS, which is an amazing aspect – for to see is to believe!

This may seem rather irrelevant to most others, but this honesty of Linux is what I treasure the most among the other features of GNU/Linux.

  1. Secure

I am going to point out the obvious and that is, Hackers know their way around Windows OS. Linux may prove to be much tougher to crack, for it shows much more resilience when compared to Windows. In making a statement like this I don’t want you to have a perception that Linux does not have its vulnerabilities, but it is significantly more secure.

Linux’ functionality simply makes it a far more secure operating system. When I look at Linux as a whole and notice the many functions some like the ideas of repositories, the method of package management, it does speak volumes for the security it brings with it when compared to Windows.

Downloading Windows is synonymous with purchasing and downloading an Antivirus program , you need extra protection from malware and hackers. Linux, on the other hand, has no use for these Anti-Virus installations. Albeit the many options available to make sure your system are safe and secure, you really will not find any need for them when you are using Linux.

The conclusive observation is to state that Linux is a naturally secure and the need to spend an extra sum on protecting your system further is alleviated – every penny counts!

  1. Can revive older computers

The current trend in revamping the operating systems ever-so-often only paves way for hardware needs to go on an upward spiral. An analogy would be in sighting the need to meet the hardware requirements should you buy a genuine Windows 10 version, if you want it up and running successfully. You simply will not be able to use it on a basic system that does not support it – it would be a pointless purchase.

The beauty of Linux is that you could even utilize one of your oldest computer systems to achieve a task. Now don’t expect Linux to function if there is 256 MB of RAM paired with an obsolete processor. The beauty is that one can download Puppy Linux which aids in functioning even on an outdated low-end system.

As you can see from the points made above, this is a competent OS, and the Linux distributors can be fixed to either a high-end system or a low-end system. While Windows need very specific hardware requirement with each upgrade.

Pitching the high-end Linux system and a high-end Windows – driven system will make anyone a Linux believer all the way. A noticeable observation in the choice of servers across the globe that favor running on Linux and not the Windows hosting background.

  1. Perfect for Programmers

You name the major programming languages and Linux will support it – a few that I can think of would be Perl, Ruby, Java, C/C++, Python and many more. Furthermore, Linux has an array of interesting applications that support programming.

Window’s command line falls flat when compared to Linux terminal for developers. A number of libraries are organically developed for Linux. Most programmers will testify to the fact that package manager on Linux simplifies their work a great deal. Programmers are also raving about is the prowess of bash scripting on Linux OS.

The native support for SSH that Linux comes with an assist in handling the servers swiftly. Other contributing factors to why programmers choose Linux is the fact that one can include aspects like apt-get commands.

  1. Software Updates

What Microsoft does when it comes to problems or if there is a need for something important to be fixed, is that it will push software updates for later.  While this happens, the software update may come up with a tiny problem.

The difference with Linux is the numerous updates that come up to counter the problems which arise. While the number of updates increases so does the speed at which the software updates take place- it is a win-win!

  1. Customization

The major tilter towards Linux over windows is customization. Linux provides a perfect platform for you to be innovative with the way you want your system to look.

I mean, aside from the installing themes, Linux offer a number of beautiful icon themes. You also have the option to use Conky to display system information on the desktop in the zaniest ways. Wallpapers in Linux can be tweaked as per your taste.

  1. Variety of Distributions

Sure, Windows has various packages and plans which you can tell apart by the terms of licensing, the activation timeframe, price and the features in the package. The bottom line is that it is bland!

This is quite contrary in Linux, when you discover the vast number of Linux distribution that provides for a varied set of needs. Based on your need you have the liberty of choosing to install from the Linux distros available.

Here are a few aspects of the dimensions available on Linux, from Linux distributions for hackers, to Linux distributions for programmers, and Linux distributions for extremely old computers. Linux certainly caters to all.

  1. Free to Use

Free – is a word that is magnetic and Linux is free to the public! Not to burst your bubble but this does not apply to Windows – turning tables in favor of Linux yet??

To validate my point there will be no need to spend 100-250 USD on a genuine copy of a Linux distro, like say the Ubuntu or Fedora. It is absolutely free of cost!

How can something that comes free and proves to be useful – be anything but the best choice? I would recommend the money you are saving be used to improve your system or go to the movies – you still have the money to play around with.

  1. Better Community Support

One thing relevant is that you need not hire anyone to find a remedy for your problem on the Linux system. Instead, resort to hunting the web for a solution with the similar thread or you can even post the issue for others to solve. What you will notice is that right after you post the thread on any of the Linux forums, you will receive a response with thorough remedies and steps that assist you to resolve the issue with ease. Note: Zero expenditure incurred!

The beauty of Linux users is their willingness to jump into any relevant thread and aid in finding solutions that one needs. I find it significant to point out that the volume of the Linux community active on these forums outshines the active members on most Windows-driven forums.

The responses you may get in these forums vary factoring the Linux distribution in use at the time.

  1. Reliability

I am pointing out the obvious when I say that Windows isn’t as fast-paced as we once knew it to be, in fact, it has become rather slow in the recent times. After your system crashes or slows down you will have to re-install Windows.

The fact that you needn’t worry or trouble yourself over re-installing Linux to have a faster and seamless system is such a sigh of relief. Much like what the tagline used for the Durex battery – Linux lasts for a long time!

How can I forget to highlight the fact that you will have to incessantly learn to cope with rebooting your system when you use Windows?

  • Reboot – when you install software!
  • Reboot – if you uninstalled software!
  • Reboot – when you update Windows!
  • Reboot- when your system slows down!

To Linux users, the above does not apply! Linux is not going to come in the way of you conquering the world.

Web servers are another facet that lets us know that Linux is very dependable. The big wigs of the internet like Google and Facebook use Linux. You’d be amazed to know that almost all of the supercomputers run on Linux.

Trying to figure out why Linux is chosen over Windows even with the big league? This is because it is extremely dependable when compared to Windows OS.

  1. Privacy

It is in the best interest of the user that Microsoft tries to hide data collected from every user. With all the best intention the latest Windows 10, was not convincing at all in this regard. Windows 10 has gotten enormous amount of criticism of how it collects data, what data it must collect and what data should be left out completely.

The privacy setting on Windows 10 has everything enabled by default, which means that it still collects data even if you suggest otherwise. You will not be hearing a press statement from Microsoft anytime soon, but this does not take away from the feature still existing. To avoid Windows 10 from collecting your data you resort to tools that aid in disabling the prying eyes of the Windows module.

Linux, on the other hand, is a perfect fit to ensure your anonymity is tucked away carefully. It is important to know that Linux distributors take in very little information, if at all any. And there will be no additional tools to protect you because of which. Your privacy remains totally intact!

Is it safe to ask if I have swayed you to becoming a Linux believer?

After having laid out the advantages of using Linux instead of Windows, I would like to know your thoughts?

I would like to know why you would still choose Windows as your primary OS after knowing that Linux is way better. If you have made the switch to Linux, do you see more benefits that it possesses?


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