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How can I compose a script for any web page?


Prior to getting into the JavaScript language, you need to find out the way it will fit along with HTML and CSS within your web sites. Web developers typically speak about three languages which are widely-used to create web pages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Wherever achievable, make an effort to keep your three languages in independent files, using the HTML page connecting to CSS and JavaScript...

How do computers fit into the modern world?


This is a model of a mountain below, with some Model trees, model roads, and model clouds. To a human, it is obvious what sort of real -world objects each one of these represents. A computer doesn’t have a predetermined idea of what a mountain or a tree is. It doesn’t understand what they are used for. Your laptop or phone will not have a favorite brand of clouds, nor will it know...

The basics of Programming


Before you learn how to read and write JavaScript language itself, you need to become familiar with some fundamental concepts in computer programming.They will be covered in Three posts: What exactly is a script and how do I create one? How do computers fit into the modern world? How can I compose a script for any web page? Once you have learned the basics, the following posts will show you how...

What exactly is a script and how do i create one?


A script is often a series of instructions that a pc can follow to accomplish a goal. You can compare scripts for just about any of the following: RECIPES Simply by adhering to the instructions in a recipe, one-by-one within the ordered layout, home cooks can produce a dish they’ve never made before.A few scripts are simple and just deal with one individual situation, like an easy recipe...

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